Reading Technology?

Ever had to sit and fix a family member, or friend’s computer? Ever had to try and teach your  parents or grandparents how to use a cell phone? Ever had to hook up a printer for a guy you never met, simply because he heard through the church grapevine that you were good with computers? If you’re under the age of 40, the answer to all of these is probably yes. Technological Literacy is a bit easier to define than Literacy as a broad term. In my opinion, and I can’t stress that it’s just a opinion enough, Technological literacy is the ability to know about, and interact meaningfully and competently with the technology of the world today. Technological literacy isn’t restricted to electronics however. Is a man who knows more about the technology that makes a tractor any less technologically literate than a person like myself, who is competent with computers and electronics? I say the answer is no, simply because technology makes up everything we interact with, from the simplest lever to the most complex supercomputer. The fact that those of older generations may not be proficient at computers and all the latest gadgets doesn’t make them any less Technologically literate than any of us young people, they are simply literate in different technologies. THey can then pass that literacy to the younger generations, building layer upon layer of knowledge, but unfortunatley the young people of today often look down on simpler technology. How many people today can fix a tractor? How many can grow their own food? Technology goes in and out of relevance rather quickly. just ten years ago, a touch screen was something to be marveled over. Now, it is the norm, and voice activation has stepped up to take it’s place. I’ve done my best to learn of technologies of all sorts, from the simple wedge and lever that makes up an ax in the woods, to the complex machinery that goes into a drill press, or computer. In the end a person’s technological literacy is determined on what they were raised with, and what they have learned about over their life. I wasn’t surprised by anything in the readings to be honest.


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